• As a young boy, Denny was mocked fiercely and without mercy by the townsfolk. The misguided citizens were severely confused by Denny’s obsession for breakfast foods and the four-cornered-den-of-doom. They ignored young Denny, just as he ignored them. For their opinions were worth less than dirt if they didn’t support his passion, nay, his love. And that’s exactly what he told them the day Denny left town. After his speech he walked silently away from the confused townspeople, then stopped, turned, and said:
"You will remember the name Denny. You will remember my Grand Slams. And I? I will forget each and every one of you."
Denny turned once again, and walked far away.
The townspeople all agreed it was a pretty cold thing to say. But they deserved it. And he was right.