• Breakfast Ball is a great game with deep seeded roots in American culture. Wanna learn how to play? It’s simple AND fun!

Breakfast Ball is played with two teams consisting of five players each. Teams compete to throw a ball through their opponents Breakfast hoops or in layman’s terms, mouths. The ball, comprised of every item on a Denny’s menu, is moved up and down the court utilizing various passes. Unlike basketball, dribbling is useless since instead of bouncing, the breakfast ball tends to hit the ground with a satisfying squish every time it’s dropped. A player scores when they successfully force a member of the opposing team to take a delicious flavorful bite of the ball. Each bite is 2-points. The game ends when the ball is gone. Points are tallied and victors are named. But let’s be honest, with a game as deliciously fast-paced as breakfast ball, even the losers are winners.