• Generally speaking, the inflatable food market has been over-saturated for years. So it was obviously refreshing to find food that is normally unrepresented in this business. I ordered the inflatable toast on a Monday and was pleasantly surprised with the speed at which I received it (it arrived on Thursday of the same week). Unfortunately, my smile quickly faded upon opening the package and displaying its contents. There are a few minor complaints… It’s difficult to inflate. It’s not big enough for an adult male to nap on and the toast doesn’t have that golden-brown quality I normally look for in my grilled bread products. These things, however, are not deal breakers. What sent me over the edge with this order was the fact that they buttered the toast on the wrong side. If you butter the toast on the bottom, you taste the buttery goodness with each bite. It’s not a difficult concept. Also, maybe sell a model without the crust? I know it makes your hair curly, but I just don’t like the texture.  Something the manufacturer may want to keep in mind for the future.
Inflatable Toast