• ikeastore:

    Dear dennys,

    When i was a wee lad, only 6 years old, i went into your restaurant for the first time for my birthday. i ordered pancakes and sat there, excited as any child would be. i was so excited about my pancakes that my little heart was probably going to burst out of my chest because they smelled so good.

    my eyes were, according to my parents, wide as the plates your 100% american breakfast was being served on when i saw it: the big scoop of white on top of them. as i said, i was young at the time. naive. i thought it was too good to be true.

    i thought there was ice cream on my pancakes.

    dennys, it was you who brought me my first taste of true disillusionment. it was you who showed me how bitter this world can be when i put a big mouthful of that butter in my mouth.

    at the time, i felt betrayed. but i have grown since then. you showed me how the world really works. you helped shape me into the man i am today.

    to this day, i still order pancakes whenever i go to your restaurant. they inspire me, and remind me of how far i have come since then with their warmth and delicious taste.

    thank you dennys. thank you.