• Bro, do you even whisk?
      • hirokohana:

        I have come to the conclusion that Denny’s is not a restaurant but in fact an emotion. You don’t go to Denny’s, you become Denny’s—you FEEL Denny’s.

        Funny you should mention that, because we just came to the very same conclusion. But about you. Hirokohana isn’t a username. It’s an emotion. We actually already started throwing it around the diner. What is Hirokohana? Well, to us, it’s that amazing nothing-can-rain-on-my-parade feeling you get when you look at the long list of awesome people following you on Tumblr. It’s the warm fuzziness that you feel in your gut after a delicious Denny’s meal. It’s a child’s laughter. It’s a field of endless roses. It’s watching a sunset with someone you love. So, how are we feeling today? Pretty Hirokohana. 

      • Just steakin’ along, don’tcha mind me.
      • Get back here and be ruthlessly consumed like the rest of us, pardner, or are you not meat enough?
      • Look you guys, just trust us on this one, you gotta be careful around maple syrup pipelines. 
      • Be wary, weary traveler, of a false paradise….
      • you wouldn’t download a sausage